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• 1/7/2019

new page

I want to create a page about Miake Naru. I know Japaneze but don't know English. Who can translate my English into right English for the article?

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• 11/9/2018

Give us new season with a well developed Sena With muscles and coolness.

Sena should come back as a grown up maybe the university or a professional football player, he should have the attributes of the guitar guy but more faster. Please let the story continue

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• 9/22/2018

Eyeshield 21 Discord Server

Hey guys!
I made an Eyeshield 21 Discord Server. I look forward to new members :D
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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• 4/1/2018

New eyeshield 21 anime

Do you guys think, that we ever get a new eyeshield 21 anime? Really want to see Christmasbowl animated and maybe even a sequel?
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• 2/14/2018

who else thinks kengo is one sexy beast

kengo is a sexy beast. anyone who disagrees gets banned
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• 3/23/2015

Story Arcs

Yo, people! It's Silver here~
Now, I'm asking about the story arcs of Eyeshield 21, since I noticed that we're lacking a proper order. The ones doing the synopsis part of the character pages usually makes up "arcs" of their character synopsis, and sometimes, when I compare them, they're different (I don't remember which ones did I compare, though)
Sooo... before thinking up the arcs, I need the opinions of everyone active about them, I don't want to just redo the format alone without anyone's permission (if nobody's active, I'll do it alone).
Thanks for your time
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• 1/18/2015

Gunmans or Gunmens?

Hey there people, it's me Silver. I've got just one quick question for all of ya people who's in the community (I'm expectin' merely Aci-chan and Miyan)
Say, about the team name of the Seibu team, should it be:
Seibu Wild Gunmans
Seibu Wild Gunmen?
Post your reply below please.
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• 9/21/2014

VisualEditor Activation

Ciaossu! It's Silver here, people.
Everyone knows that there's the new VisualEditor, right? And it is stated in the page that it makes editing easier, right? So, I'm here to know who will agree to activate the VisualEditor. Comment below to vote. Clear?
Pardon on how I ask since I really don't know how to communicate properly with more than a single person at a time
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• 6/27/2014

Admin Inactivity

Ciaossu people! Since most wikis have this rule, should we have it as well? It's for admins only.
If an admin is without an excuse and became inactive for 60 days, (s)he will be stripped of admin rights.
Is that okay?
This as well. Fallen Wings, the founder of the wiki, is no longer active. Should we remove his/her admin rights? I mean, what will the rights do if the user that has it is not active? Understand, guys?
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