"Doc" Billy Horide
180px-Billy horide
Character information
Rōmaji Doku Horide
Gender Male
Affiliation Seibu Wild Gunmen
Position Coach/Trainer
Chapter 34th Down
Episode Episode 17
Voice actors
Japanese Tadashi Miyazawa
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"Doc" Billy Horide (ドク堀出, Doku Horide) is the coach of the Seibu Wild Gunmen,


Horide appearance is like a stereotypical cowboy complete with two pistols he uses to fire with. (showing off similar gunmenship skills to both Kid and Hiruma)


Horide main philosophy revolves around a fast-shooting offense that crushes the opponent. Unfortunately, his management of the team leads to bad luck for his side, particularly in Tetsuma following his advice to the point of hurting his team as opposed to helping it.

Like the cowboy he is, he owns a massive ranch near Houston, Texas which also doubles as Seibu's American training grounds for the Kanto Tournament. His ranch is filled with cattle for rodeos and milk production, including a massive bull, won in a team up between Deimon and Seibu for a beach football tournament. Likewise, he also has a horse ranch filled with many who appear similar to many of the players taking part in the football tournament in Japan.

Although he is the coach, he doesn't appear to know too much about American Football, like when during timeouts, he seems to only desperately shoot his guns and shout useless 'advice', such as "What are you doing? Pay them back!"



  • His name is the Japanese approximation of Doc Holiday


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Coach "Doc" Billy Horide
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