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Akira Nakabou
Character information
Rōmaji Nakabō Akira
Alias Chuubou
Gender Male
Age 14
Affiliation Deimon Devil Bats
Jersey 54
Position Lineman
Team Team Japan (Youth World Cup)
Deimon Devil Bats (high school)
Chapter 308th Down
Voice actors
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Akira Nakabo (中坊 明, Nakabō Akira), nicknamed "Chuubou", is a middle school student who participated in the World Youth Cup under Team Japan.


Chuubou is a short kid from middle school with spiky hair. Neither particularly tall nor powerful, he is the very picture of earnestness.


Chuubou is earnest, determined and hotblooded. He tried to get into American Football because he admired Sena, and he is similar to him in some respects: Clumsiness, some slight pessimism and an overactive imagination. However, he has more spine than him and stubbornly tried to join the Japan All-Stars simply because he thought he could.


Youth World Cup Arc

Chuubou has greatly admires Sena Kobayakawa's running so he wants to join the Deimon Devil Bats when he attends high school.

Although he admires Sena's running, his position on the team is as a lineman. His given position seems to be a wise decision because he is able to perform the "Delta Dynamite," a block that needs precise timing which hits three points and causes the victim to lose balance (judging from chapter 311, when Chuubou uses the Delta Dynamite and stops Takeru Yamato and at the same time throws him off balance).

"Delta Dynamite"

In the same chapter, Rikiya Gao exhibits interest in Chuubou after seeing his move. After the game against Russia, Gaou challenges Chuubou, which results in the latter losing. This causes Chuubou to train using the "Delta Dynamite," and eventually he teaches his senior and fellow lineman the technique. During the aftermath of the World Youth Cup, Chuubou finally becomes a member of the Deimon Devil Bats team.

Techniques and Abilities

Delta Dynamite: A blocking technique that involves ramming the enemy with the head, shoulder and fist simultaneously in a delta shape, which makes the block three times more powerful. It is powerful, but it requires precise timing and accuracy, requiring Chuubou to leap into the opponent's chest at the precise moment their center of gravity shifts. If he fails using it, he's a below average lineman.

Devil's Fourth Dimension: A failed attempt at copying Sena's ultimate technique. Chuubou initially tried to use it against Yamato in the tryouts due to admiration of Sena, but was not successful.


Kobayakawa Sena

Chuubou admired Sena and initially wanted to play American Football due to wanting to be like him. He treats Sena with a lot of respect throughout his time in America. Sena himself was inspired by Chuubou desperately polishing the Delta Dynamite for the final game, being reminded of his own previous failures against Shin and his upcoming fight against Panther.

When Chuubou entered high school, he became Sena's junior and teammate as a member of Deimon and the Deimon Devilbats.

Rikiya Gao

Chuubou gained Gaou's interest after using the Delta Dynamite in the game against Russia, taking down Gaou's idol Rodchenko while the beast was forced into the stands. This ignited Gaou's interest in him, but he truly started respecting Chuubou after the little lineman polished his skill and used it to knock him through a wall. This convinced Gaou to try and learn it. Chuubou couldn't teach him properly, but did his best to show it throughout the America game, culminating in Gaou finally learning the technique and forcing back Mr. Don enough for Yamato to finally give him a Blue Sky.


  • The name Akira means "bright" (明).
  • Akira's surname Nakabo means "middle" (中) (naka) and "priest's lodge" (坊) (bo).