Amino Cyborgs
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Team information
Members Atsushi Munakata
Suguru Aoyangi
Captain Atsushi Munakata
Manager Nasu Hakui
Jersey Color white, red crosses and white numbers with a black outline.
Mascot Cyborg
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Amino Cyborg is new team appear in the Tokyo Tournament


Team members dress like doctors off the field, but are very strong and the only school using modern technology to grow stronger. They have a firm belief that victory can only be achieved through medical science, rather than spirit, determination and diligent training.

They're known as the Tournament Breakers, since they always choose one sport every year to enter, and win the championship of that sport. Previously, it was soccer and basketball.

The Amino cheerleaders wear nurse outfits. Their cheerleading captain is Nasu Hakui, a very strict upperclassman who is always yelling at the underclassmen. Only lineman Aoyanagi enjoys this treatment.

Despite their physical augmentation though medical meanings, they're not really that strong; they lacked in stamina and determination, which can only being achieved from hard, redundant trainings that slowly but surely build up the strength as well as determination. This was prevalent as Devilbats line toppled them in the second half, Munakata got nervous breakdown once Sena got past him, and overall lacks of stamina compared of Devilbats, whose players not even panting through the game with only 11 players play both offense and defense, while the Cyborgs players, both on offense and defense, shown significant lack of stamina, leading to their defeat by the Deimon Devil Bats.


Atsushi Munakata

(胸肩厚 Munakata Atsushi) The strong-built team captain and linebacker of the Amino Cyborgs. His face is chiseled, and his ever-present confident smile gives him an almost artificial appearance. He was also the team captain of Amino's basketball and soccer clubs, winning the championships of those sports. He states that the purpose of winning a different championship each year is to make the world aware of the capabilities of the medical science program at Amino High School. He is very intelligent for a high school student, presumably knowledgeable in the field of medicine and also good at devising strategies to defeat individual teams and players

Suguru Aoyanagi

(青柳卓 Aoyanagi Suguru) Suguru used to be a scrawny student until he took the Amino training program for six months, which gave him an incredibly muscular body. Until his defeat by the linemen of the Deimon Devil Bat he arrogantly thinks of himself as unstoppable, and is shown to be the only one on the team who enjoys the cheerleading captain Hakui's harsh treatment.

Naosumi Kadoguchi

(角口直角 Kadoguchi Naosumi) Kadoguchi is a cornerback for Amino who has used motion capture technology to optimize his running movements to maximize his speed. His body strangely appears to be formed of polygon shapes. While fairly fast, he gives up easily on passes that he deems to be out of his reach, which allows Monta to easily defeat him.


Nasu Hakui

Hakui is the harsh manager and cheerleader for the Amino Cyborgs.