Bud Walker
Character information
Gender Male
Age 18
Bench press 150 kgs (330 lbs)
Affiliation Team USA
Jersey 31
40 Yard Dash 4.4 seconds
Position Cornerback
Chapter 312nd Down
Voice actors
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Bud Walker is the Cornerback of Team USA that Represent the United States for Youth World Cup he is also a hollywood action star who does own stunt


Bud is relax looking and muscular man


Bud seems to be laid-back and easygoing, but he also believes that entertaining the audience is an important role of an athlete. He also tries to joke around with Clifford (who apparently is his classmate). Bud appears to be jealous of Clifford, since the latter is more popular despite Bud being a Hollywood movie star. However this jealousy seems to be casual and not serious envy.


The insatiable stunt-man of the American All-Star,was a classmate of Clifford D. Louis during high school and went on to play as the star Wide Receiver and Cornerback for the Pentagram. Bud Walker is the best Cornerback of the USA National team. Bud is also an action movie star in Hollywood and is famous for doing his own stunts.


Youth Cup Arc


Team USA

Techniques and Strategies

Walker's style of playing the Receiver position is using his speed, strength, and height to gain the advantage over his opponent, his strength and size allowing him to catch the football thrown from Clifford over the Japanese team's heavyweight players, unprepared with relative ease. Walker's abilities weren't in the spot light as much as some of the others of the Pentagram, so the full extent of his abilities was never shown, however, Monta was able to catch the football over him with the debut of his new technique, the Devil Backfire Neo.

Player data

  • Power: S
  • Speed: A
  • Technique: A
  • Odds of winning MVP title: 5.7 to 1