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Cerberus growling at a terrified Sena.

Hiruma's dog. Known for his excessive appetite, ruthlessness (most likely affected by Hiruma) and his outstanding intelligence compared with other animals. In chapter 100, Cerberus shows that he is able to defeat taller tougher looking dogs and force them to serve him. Hiruma uses him for everything: Training, disguise, and sometimes he even uses him to track down anyone whose whereabouts he doesn't know of. Cerberus has shown several times to be able to stand and walk on two legs. In chapter 251, it is revealed that Cerberus can bench press 120kgs (264lbs). In one Q&A column, it is claimed that Cerberus is actually just a wild dog, not belonging to Hiruma. Rather, he follows Hiruma around because he's easy to get food from. This is questionable, since he has often followed orders from Hiruma, though is regularly rewarded or tricked into the task with food in the process. Cerberus met Hiruma on the football field and then had a face-off. Cerberus charged at Hiruma and got a spiked dog collar around his neck as a result. After the face-off, Hiruma adopted Cerberus as his pet.

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