Clifford D. Lewis
Character information
Alias The Invincible Gambler
Gender Male
Age 18
Jersey 1
40 Yard Dash 4.2 seconds
Position Quarterback
Team Team Usa
Chapter 304th Down
Voice actors
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Clifford D. Lewis is the Quarterback of the USA National team. His epithet is the "Invincible Gambler". Clifford seems to be extremely confident in his superiority, and when he and Panther are addressed as the two best players, he claims himself to be the best player in the United States. He is said to be of noble blood, but whether this means that he is a descendant of a royal/aristocratic family or something else is yet to be revealed. Clifford seems outwardly arrogant, but he confirms to Panther that his attitude is a ruse and a tool for competition. By scaring his opponents he can make them back down on the playing field. This fits in with his Gambler theme. He is very similar to Hiruma.



Clifford has the habit of always leaving a strong impression and always shows strong spirit attitudes and believes that "a gambler that shows a spirit is over from the start". Clifford is very intelligent and can predict what a person will do or will say, even in underwater Clifford was able to guess correctly what Morgan is mumbling underwater. Clifford has a strong attitude and explains that his strong attitude is a tool for competition and if he can make think that he is an idiot that won't withdraw he can push his opponent out of the road.


Youth Cup Arc

Clifford has never been sacked throughout every single match he played on, until he's sacked by Shin during the World Cup for the first time.

He has a lot of resemblance to Hiruma in a way, like his intelligence, tactical expert, and love to bluffs.

Clifford is the control tower of the American team as the Quarterback. In poker, he has the habit of making semi-bluffs when he has a decent hand and forces the others to fold. Even if someone notices, he still has a decent hand that may let him win in the end. Clifford also has the habit of bluffing about things, like him being part of royalty.

Bud Walker is a classmate of Clifford although they don't get along very well because of Bud's childish attitude.

In the last chapter Clifford sends Sena an email about joining Notre Dame High School's football team.


Team USA

Player data

  • Power: B
  • Speed: S
  • Technique: S
  • Odds of winning MVP title: 3.3 to 1