Dojiro Tenma
Character information
Alias The Sideline Edge's Magican
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 167 cm
Weight 55 kg
Bench press 40 kg
Affiliation Teikoku Alexanders
Year 3rd Year
Jersey 33
40 Yard Dash 4.6 second
Position Running Back
Team Teikoku Alexanders
Former Affiliation Shinryuji Nagas
Chapter 289th Down
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Dojiro Tenma is the former ace Running Back on the Shinryuji Naga and was one of the two people to get into Shinryuuji through the sports program along with Yamabushi. He was recruited into Teikoku to join their football team.




Christmas Bowl Arc

Dojiro is called "The Sideline Edge's Magican" because he is able to run on the sidelines really close at high speed without losing his balance or momentum. He also has 5 girls who are head over heels for him. Doujirou also likes listening to his music when he is playing during the game.

Despite his prowess at running along the sidelines, the end of chapter 290 sees a surprising event, with the Hah Hah brothers roaring over a Komusubi, who remained lying on the ground after he attempted to stop Tenma by ramming into him near the sideline.Unable to see the side lines because of snow he stepped out of bounds giving to ball to the Devil Bats.


Sideline Run: Tenma runs "real" close to the line save his speed only to dodge the defenders coming to tackle him making him difficult to stop.