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Donald Oberman
Donald Oberman.jpg
Character information
Kanji ドナルド・オバーマン
Alias Mr. Don
Gender Male
Age 18
Relatives Arnold Oberman (Father)
Year 3rd Year
Jersey 69
Position Line
Chapter 312th Down
Voice actors
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Donald Oberman or 'Mr Don', The Man Who Controls Everything, Lineman (L), is the son of the President of the United States Arnold Oberman and part of the Pentagram in the Youth Cup.


Mr. Don has spiky blond hair and a tattoo of flames that creep across the right side of his face. He's tall and muscular, typical of linemen like him. He wears a suit with a dinosaur-egg tie whenever he's not on the field.


Though Don is originally portrayed as an arrogant ladies' man, he's displayed traits beyond that. It's implied that he's kinder with children, as he pushes aside a "sexy" woman in favor of signing a little boys football, as he'd been standing in line before her.[1] Most of the time, however, he is a clever, cruel lineman who looks down on people he deems "below" him, similar to how Agon refers to most as "trash." Even Agon acknowledges how Mr. Don is like him.[2]

He tends to say "I'm so sad," or "I'm sad" when disappointed by anything, from when he had to stop the woman from asking for an interview, to when Gaō confronted him in the car and saying he's sad someone was talking so strongly with no talent or ability to back it.


After seeing Yamato fail to catch Panther, Mr. Don deemed Yamato undeserving of the title as Eyeshield 21 and had him kicked him out of Notre Dame for something he did not do.[3]


Youth Cup Arc


Team USA


Patrick Spencer

Clifford D Lewis

Team Japan

Rikiya Gao

Sena Kobayakawa

Takeru Yamato

Yamato resents Mr. Don for forcing him out of Notre Dame, and he challenges Mr. Don before the finals of the World Cup even began[4]. Mr. Don sees Yamato as inferior and doesn't think he deserves the title of Eyeshield 21[5].


Power: SS Speed: A Technique: A

Odds of winning MVP title: 3.3 to 1

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