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The Oujou White Knights are a High School American Football team based on Ojo Private Senior High School in Tokyo. They are the main rivals of the Deimon Devil Bats throughout the series, and the team's star linebacker Seijuro Shin is Sena's first and most prominent rival. The White Knights are a strong team with a major focus on their stringent defense.


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Ryokan Kurita

Ryokan Kurita (栗田 良寛, Kurita Ryōkan) is the largest and strongest player in the Deimon Devil Bats. Ryokan is a kind-hearted individual, and the only thing bigger than his body is his heart.


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Sena Kobayakawa passes the Deimon High School entrance exam and gets invited by Yoichi Hiruma and Ryokan Kurita into joining the American Football club. A day later, three bullies get angered by him and start chasing him, showing his true talent...

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