Iwashige Ganjou
Character information
Rōmaji Iwashima Ganjō
Kanji 岩重 ガンジョー
Gender Male
Blood type 0
Height 170 cm
Weight 85 kg
Affiliation Sado Strong Golems
Jersey 36
Position Running back
Team Sado Strong Golems
Chapter 167th Down
Voice actors
Japanese Naoya Iwahashi
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Ganjou Iwashige (岩重 ガンジョー, Iwashige Ganjō) is the ace running back of the Sado Strong Golems, representatives of the Shizuoka area in the Kanto Tournament (his position is unclear in the anime). His body is well-trained, and stated by himself and others to be "rock-hard". His ability to ram into his opponent with his body is impressive, but it proves to be no match against Otowara's bulk and Shin's Trident Tackle. He is rather perverted, with a love of women with big breasts, and his coach instructs him to knock opponents away by diving into their chests, because "young men love breasts". In the anime, his tackling style is similar to groping a female. While in the manga he falls victim to Shin and Otawara's improved techniques, this role is filled in the anime by a new character, Kyotai Susumu, who addresses Iwashima as "aniki". The two enter the game carrying a large rock that their coach sits upon to demonstrate their strength.


In interviews with Riko Kumabukuro, he has been asked these questions:

  • Of all the things you have bought until now, what is the most expensive? = "A dumbbell." (40,000 yen, 400 Dollars)
  • Imagine today is the last of Earth! How would you spend it? = "I'd eat meals delicious enough to die for until the end."