Hanataka Tengu
Character information
Age 18
Affiliation Hakushu Dinosaur
Year 3rd Year
Jersey 49
Position Linebacker
Team Hakushu Dinosaur
Voice actors
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He is the former captain of the Hakushū Dinosaurs. He tends to be tactless, acting as a counterpart to Deimon's Muro Satoshi, and it is because of this he was beat up by his own teammate Rikiya Gaou after making offhanded comments about Banba at the start of the Kantou Finals. He was rendered unable to play, thus ending his season. Marco replaced him in the game as a safety (though the team's manager said that the team would do better to have Marco play in both offense and defense).




Tengu serves as both a comedic relief and a foil to the more serious and honourable players in his team. He shamelessly basks in the glory and strength of his teammates and enjoys mocking teams the Hakushū Dinosaurs win against (despite him not contributing significantly). However, his confidence is easily shaken when he witnesses strong players from opposing teams and it is only through reassurance that he regains composure.

As suggested by his name, he has a long nose (which serves to exaggerate his wrongful arrogance and general insufferableness).


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