Hashiratani Deers
Hashiratani Deers Logo
Team information
Members Onihei Yamamoto
Captain Onihei Yamamoto
Jersey Color Brown with yellow trim on the jerseys.
Mascot A Deer (but it looks like a moose)
Helmet Logo top brown yellow knowledge.
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Hashiratani Deers (柱谷ディアーズ)


They make the most of their small size, using their speed to disarm his opponents. Playing opponents of the same size, they are still superior.

They had an easy time in their match against the Kyoshin Poseidons, scoring fourteen points in the first half and crushing what seemed to be an easy opponent. Play opponents of the same size, they are even higher.


Onihei Yamamoto

(山本鬼兵) Onihei is a cunning ultra veteran with a small body who even fellow lineman Kurita greatly admires. He was Kurita's mentor and inspiration. In fact, Onihei is the reason why Kurita came to play football in the way he does now and because of him he now has the "Funnuraba!" chant. Onihei is known for his ability to block effectively despite not being a particularly large person. He has enough strength to lift or stop Kurita single handed, and to stop even the wild Ikari with relative ease.

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