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Hiromi Kisaragi
Character information
Rōmaji Kisaragi Hiromi
Kanji 如月 ヒロミ
Alias Left arm of Hakushu
Gender Male
Age 15-16
18 (final chapter)
Birthday July 4th
Height 160 cm
Weight 49 kg
Affiliation Hakushū Dinosaurs
Year 1st year
Jersey 96
Position Cornerback
Team Hakushū Dinosaurs
Chapter 243rd Down
Voice actors
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Hiromi Kisaragi (如月 ヒロミ, Kisaragi Hiromi) is the Cornerback for the Hakushū Dinosaurs. His effeminate and gentle demeanour is contrasted with the overtly-aggressive play style of his team, but he still proves to be an invaluable member.


Kisaragi possesses a fragile, feminine appearance. He is comically depicted with sparkles surrounding him when he makes his first appearance. He also has a thin build and long, fair hair that only further serves to juxtapose him to most of the other players in the the Hakushū Dinosaurs.


Kisaragi is shown to both self-depreciating and confident in his ability to be 'strong'. He acknowledges his physically "weak and meagre" stature relative to giants like Gaō, but still pursues the team ideal of strength, taking advantage of his slender arms when intercepting passes.

Once the victim of bullying in Hakushū, Kisaragi has a deep admiration for those who are physically strong, believing them to be "beautiful". He is loyal to Gaō after he saves Kisaragi from his bullies, and joins the football team in an act of admiration.


Kisaragi is a frail and effeminate player known as the "left arm of Hakushū". He is obsessed with strength if not more than the rest of his team, and he frequently states that "strength is beautiful" he even thinks that Ryokan Kurita is beautiful. Kisaragi has been picked on all of his life because of his weak, feminine appearance, and as such, he is envious of those with physical strength.

Despite his below-average strength and lacklustre speed/jumping ability, he is a skilled cornerback because of his "Pteroclaw" technique, in which he disrupts a receiver's catch attempt by wrapping his slender arm around the receiver's and tearing the ball away. Kisaragi met Gaō because the two share a locker, and his obsession with Gaō's strength led him to join the football team because he wanted to help Gaō win the championship. He is extremely dedicated to helping Hakushū win in any way he can, to the extent that he deliberately lets himself be crushed by Gaō while distracting Kurita from protecting Hiruma.


  • Pteroclaw- Using his flexible and slender limbs, Kisaragi wraps his arms around a receiver's limbs and either steals the ball or causes a failed pass attempt by forcing the receiver to fumble.
  • Natural flexibility- Despite being physically weak, it is established that Kisaragi is incredibly flexible, his arms nearly appearing boneless at times and his joints rotating an near-impossible angles.


  • Kisaragi has 3 older sisters.
  • Kisaragi has body building statues inside of his home.
  • Kisaragi can rotate his elbows 360 degrees.
  • Kisaragi's obsession with strength actually distorts how he perceives the physical attractiveness of people. In his eyes, men like Kurita and Otawara as handsome while Sena and Sakuraba are ugly.
  • Kisaragi has the lightest record benchpress in the entire series at 30kg (even lighter than that of Karin or Sena).
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