Kaoru Hatsujo
Kaoru hatsujo
Character information
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 170 cm
Weight 136 lbs
Affiliation Koigahama Cupids
Year 2nd years
Jersey 19
40 Yard Dash 5.1 Seconds
Position Quarterback
Team Koigahama Cupids
Chapter Chapter 5
Episode Episode 2
Voice actors
Japanese Masami Iwasaki
English Sam Riegel
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Kaoru Hatsujo (初條薫, Hatsujō Kaoru?) is the captain of the Koigahama Cupids, a weak team that loses in both of the games they are depicted playing in.

Hatsujo is a flat character that makes few appearances, and is primarily a comic relief character, known for teasing opponents for not having any girls to cheer for them, only for the opponent to reveal their cheerleading squad consisting of attractive young women.

Hatsujo plays quarterback and safety for the Cupids and is also noted for his ability as a kicker: he scores his team's only points in the game against the Devil Bats, although Sena immediately afterward returns the following kickoff for the winning touchdown. Hatsujo, like all members of his team, has a girlfriend who appears with him in several cameo appearances at some of the Devil Bats' games. During the Taiyo Sphinx match, he even ignores her to pay attention to the match.