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Karin Koizumi
Karin Koizumi.jpg
Character information
Rōmaji Koizumi Karin
Kanji 小泉 花梨
Alias Karinrō Koizumi (By Hiruma to trick his teammates into thinking Karin is a boy so they can play seriously)
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday July 7
Blood type 0
Height 157 cm
Weight 44 kg
Bench press 35 kg
Affiliation Teikoku Alexanders
Year 1st year
Jersey 6
40 Yard Dash 4.9 seconds
Position Quarterback
Team Teikoku Alexanders
Chapter 275th Down
Voice actors
Japanese N/A
English N/A
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Karin Koizumi (小泉 花梨, (こいずみ かりん) Koizumi Karin) is the quarterback for the Teikoku Alexanders whose jersey number is 6.


Karin appears like a very feminine and girlish person who is called cute (despite being thought to be a guy by the Deimon Devil Bats, save by Sena Kobayakawa, Monta and Yōichi Hiruma) with waist-length blonde hair that is tied in a fishtail braid with bangs hanging over her face and on either side, brown eyes and her lips are always shown to have shine, signaling that she usually has lip gloss on.

Because of her beauty, she has many male fans in the audience, including those from Shinryuji Naga.


Similarly to Sena Kobayakawa, Karin appears timid at first glance who is usually defended by Takeru Yamato off the field. She is a very sweet girl, shown as polite and amiable to her teammates as well as those on opposing teams. Additionally, she shows good sportsmanship to other teams even after losing to the Deimon Devil Bats. However, while on the field, she can become serious where she takes on the responsibility of her role as the first-string quarterback for one of the strongest teams in Japan. Even with all pressure on her to dodge Ryōkan Kurita during the Christmas Bowl, she still remains calm, despite her overwhelming nervousness showing she knows how to maintain control of her own emotions.


Karin was first recruited on the team after being scouted by Taka Honjo. One day, Karin was passing the football field when Kirio Ibarada misthrew a pass and it hit Karin's bag. Asking who she should throw it back to, Taka raised his hand. She sent the ball spiraling beautifully, with perfect accuracy, back to him. Taka immediately told Heracles and Takeru Yamato to make her join the team, even admitting that she had "pure talent." Karin had at first rejected, due to her modesty and insecurity, but then when Yamato started to talk, Karin found it difficult to resist him. She joined the team, and though the training was hard, like Sena Kobayakawa, she grew to love American Football and stayed with it. In the last chapter of the manga, Karin is seen walking with a friend to watch a university game between Koigahama Cupids and Enma Fires because now that she is aspiring to become a manga artist, her editor insisted on her drawing a manga with Eyeshield 21 as the main character.


Christmas Bowl Arc

Sena and Karin bowing

Karin is first seen around the showy fourth-stringer Kirio Ibarada and Takeru Yamato is forced to defend her whenever she isn't on the field. Karin is first seen in Chapter 275 where she is revealed to be the first string quarterback for the Teikoku Alexanders.

She only plays on offense, and when she comes out, both she and Sena Kobayakawa bow to each other, asking for the other to go easy on them. She is shown to be a good enough quarterback to be able to dodge Ryōkan Kurita and pass the ball to Yamato afterwards. She throws great passes to Taka Honjo, which Monta claims to be out of his reach, but perfect for Taka.

Techniques and Strategies

  • Floral Shoot: Karin does a soft and gentle pass with great height and perfect accuracy, which makes it hard for anyone but Taka Honjo to catch. As Sena Kobayakawa puts it, "it looks as if it's spinning in place in the air."
  • Dodging Abilities: Since most of Karin's talent as quarterback is perfect (accuracy, speed, range), all that left to do is to build up her dodging abilities. As result, she's able to evade even the rampaging Ryōkan Kurita with relatively ease, which is aided by the fact that she, along with all other members of the First string of the Alexanders, have a 40 yard dash lower than 5 seconds.


  • The name Karin means "flower, blossom" (花) (ka) and "pear" (梨) (rin), which is the name used for various flowering plants (flowering quince, Burmese rosewood).
  • Karin's surname Koizumi means "small" (小) (ko) and "spring, fountain" (泉) (izumi).


  • Karin has Sena Kobayakawa's immensely shy personality, which everyone noticed right away (since both of them bowed, flustered, to each other at the same time, asking for the other to be gentle).
  • Yōichi Hiruma told the team that Karin was actually a man so that they would go all out on her (although Sena and Monta knew that she was a girl already) where her male name was Karinro Koizumi.
  • Karin's 40 Yard Dash time is the same as Tetsuo Ishimaru.
  • Karin gained her skill in throwing an American football from her skillful fingertips, which comes from her enjoyment of drawing and playing the piano (as pointed out by Heracles).
  • Karin can bench press 35kg
  • Karin is the only known girl to play American football in the series.
  • After being picked into the team, Karin started a blog on the net about her training, which is something that the rest of the Teikoku team found out rather soon to her dismay.


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