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Kirio Ibarada
Kirio Ibarada.jpg
Character information
Rōmaji Ibarada Kirio
Kanji 棘田キリオ
Affiliation Teikoku Alexanders
Year 2nd (high school)
Jersey 8
Position Quarterback
Team Teikoku Alexanders
Former Affiliation Bando Spiders
Voice actors
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Kirio Ibarada (棘田キリオ, Ibarada Kirio) was originally the quarterback of the Bando Spiders, he abandoned his former team when he was recruited by Teikoku, thinking that Bando wasn't strong enough to get to the Christmas Bowl on their own. Attending the Kanto final with the (supposed to be) manager of the team, he was confronted by former teammate Koutaro Sasaki for leaving a team that was close to making the Christmas Bowl themselves the previous year. But Akaba held Kotaro back from attacking him, letting him leave the Tokyo Dome without further difficulty. He is also said to be a good quarterback. However although he was considered the best quarterback in Tokyo in the previous year, his quarterback skills were only good enough to make him reach the 4th team, making him resentful for main team (and female) quarterback Karin. Whether it is sexism or hatred that he himself is not on the 1st team always puts him at odds with the entire team.

Techniques and Strategies

  • Rose Whip: A sideways throwing technique regarding the ability to throw while running, it is noted by Kotaro as Ibarada's specialty. But it's useless against Sena, who quickly sacked him before he could even throw the ball.