• Logo: Cupid
    Koigahama Cupids Logo

    Cupids Logo

  • Team colors: Crimson and Pink
  • The Cupids are a very weak team that is well known for all of their team members having girlfriends and bringing them to the games, which aren't very many, since they usually lose and get eliminated within the first or second matches.
  • Their girlfriends also act as their cheerleaders.
  • Because of their pride as a team who had girls on their side, they often humiliate teams who have no cheerleaders (like Deimon Devil Bats) or came from all-boy school (like Seibu Wild Gunmen) (Naga). However, the jokes was overturned to them; Hiruma manages to goads the girls into joining Devilbats by promising them to meet with Sakuraba, and The Gunmen turned out to have their own private cheerleader team (Wild Fannings), all of them are gorgeous girls.
  • It was against this team that Eyeshield 21 made his debut by scoring a comeback touchdown victory. During the Fall, they scored the worst record in Kantou's Fall Tournament, surrendering during the 3rd quarter with the score board showing 10-125, with all their members completely exhausted. They still managed to steal 10 points off them though, showing Seibu's extremely weak defense. The quarterback and his girlfriend have made appearances in the crowd at several of Deimon's games, including the match with Taiyo.
  • In the last chapter of the manga, Eyeshield 21 faces off against the Cupids once again.
  • In their volume 1 match against the Devil Bats, Shin comments that the Cupids have some decent offense, but Sakuraba notes that their weak linemen are no match for Kurita whatsoever.


Kaoru Hatsujo

Voiced by: Masami Iwasaki(Japanese) Sam Riegel(English)

(初條薫, Hatsujō Kaoru) Hatsujo is the captain of the Koigahama Cupids, a weak team that loses in both of the games they are depicted playing in. Hatsujo is a flat character that makes few appearances, and is primarily a comic relief character, known for teasing opponents for not having any girls to cheer for them, only for the opponent to reveal their cheerleading squad consisting of attractive young women. Hatsujo plays quarterback and safety for the Cupids and is also noted for his ability as a kicker: he scores his team's only points in the game against the Devil Bats, although Sena immediately afterward returns the following kickoff for the winning touchdown. Later, in the Autumn Tokyo Tournament, the Cupids forfeit in the third quarter to the Seibu Wild Gunmen while trailing 125-10. Hatsujo, like all members of his team, has a girlfriend who appears with him in several cameo appearances at some of the Devil Bats' games.