Kureji Hera
Heracles 2
Character information
Rōmaji Hera Kureji
Kanji 平良呉二
Alias Heracles
Gender Male
Age 18
Birthday May 14
Blood type O
Height 177 cm
Weight 100 kg
Affiliation Teikoku Alexanders
Year 3rd (high school)
Jersey 78
40 Yard Dash under 5 second
Position Lineman
Team Teikoku Alexanders (high school)
Team Japan (Youth World Cup)
Voice actors
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Kureji Hera (平良呉二, Hera Kureji) is a large-set player for Teikoku's first team and the official captain of Alexanders' American football team. Sena, Monta and Suzuna meet him as he offers the tour of the Teikoku campus (though Yamato mostly gives the words and comments to their Deimon guests).


He has a bizarre sense of humor and lets his roots in Kansai show compared to the others. Though cheerful, he is a tad eccentric, to the point of wearing costumes to fit the role he holds such as a tour guide for Deimon's visit and as a "Roman Senator" during the football strategy meeting in the forum. During the game, he even mimics Karin words behind her, threatening Devil Bats while Karin smiling innocently.

Hera exhibits great pride in the honor of making it into "Teikoku's All Stars", which is the 1st team. He acknowledges the difficulty and determination needed by a Teikoku player to make the first team, relating his own trials in fighting for his current position on the team. Furthermore, he feels disrespect for any other player outside the first team who shuns their duties as a member of the football squad, particularly Ibarada's arrogant behavior. Hera had actually prepared a countermearsure for Gaou of Hakushuu Dinosaurs and it seems that it would prove more effective on Kurita, though it was unknown what this counter was until recently during the Christmas Bowl match against Deimon Devilbats. Apparently, the counter is not being used right away, seeing as Kurita plowed through a double team of Heracles and Achilles without much effort.


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Techniques and Strategies

  • Cross Stunts: Variation of stunts performed by Kurita and Komusubi before, in which Heracles and Achilles crossing paths to confuse players. This was effective to distracting stronger but slower opponent like Kurita, so the faster one (Achilles) can performing other task, while the stronger one (Heracles) will holds enemies at bay. Using this, Achilles almost managed to secure the ball fumbled by Hiruma, before The Ha Ha Brothers gang on him.


  • Heracles' name when read in Japanese style is Hera Kureji, which is a pun on the Japanese pronunciation of Heracles, Herakuresu.
  • According to Hiruma, his idiocy percentage is 20%.
  • On Teikoku's personal history files, his favorite type of girl are easy going girls.


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