Maruko "Maria" Himuro
Maruko Himuro
Character information
Rōmaji Himuro Maruko
Kanji 氷室 丸子
Alias Maria
Gender Female
Age 17
Affiliation Hakushū Dinosaurs
Year 3rd (high school)
Position Manager
Team Hakushū Dinosaurs
Chapter 249th Down
Voice actors
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Maruko "Maria" Himuro (氷室 丸子, Himuro Maruko) is the manager of the Hakushū Dinosaurs and Reiji Maruko's ex-girlfriend.


She is a beautiful but serious-looking woman with short black hair. Described as a "cool beauty with an expressionless face", she's depicted to wear a buttoned-up green jacket with a white blouse and black pants.


Himuro is shown to be a mature, cool-headed person but with a deep sense of morality and honor. She often expresses disdain for Marco's ruthless strategies of advocating excessive force at every possible opportunity, but still deeply cares for him.

Without informing her team, she invites Sena and Riku and attempts to convince the two teams to forfeit the match before anyone is seriously injured. Despite being thought to do so, Himuro did not seek their surrender in order to secure the victories of the Hakushū Dinosaurs but instead prevent further bloodshed.


Himuro is Marco's initial inspiration for playing American football. He became smitten with her in middle school and, in an apparent attempt to woo her, he vowed to show her "the morning sunshine after a victory" by winning the Christmas Bowl. She came to admire his optimism and ambition, and at some time afterwards, the two were in a close relationship though it is unclear how intimate they were. He now calls her by the nickname "Maria", which she dislikes because Himuro is two years Marco's senior. After witnessing many players injured by Rikiya Gao's strength, Himuro came to despise Marco's determination to win at any cost, and they grew apart, though she remains with the team.


Kanto Tournament Arc

Himuro approaches Sena and Riku before the Seibu-Hakushū match, and tells them that they should give up midway because she does not want anymore players injured by Gaō. While she hates the Dinosaurs' strategy, she points out after Hakushū loses in the Kanto Tournament finals that she stayed with the team because she still admires some of Marco's traits, and has feelings for him in spite of the things he has done.


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