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Patrick "Panther" Spencer
Character information
Rōmaji パトリック・スペンサー
Alias Panther
Fastest Black Panther Above Ground[1]
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 185 cm (6'1")
Weight 92 kg (205 lbs)
Bench press 70 kg
Affiliation Nasa Aliens/Nasa Shuttles
Year First Year
Jersey 20
40 Yard Dash 4.5 seconds (initially)
4.1 seconds
Position Runningback
Team Nasa Aliens/Nasa Shuttles
San Antonio Armadillos (NFL)
Chapter 58th Down
Episode Episode 21
Voice actors
Japanese Kōsuke Kujirai
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Patrick Spencer (パトリック・スペンサー Patorikku Supensā) often referred to as Panther is the running back of the NASA Aliens – renamed the NASA Shuttles – and later the running back for Team USA at the Youth World Cup. He is Sena's long-term rival, alongside Seijuro Shin.


Panther in the Team USA jersey.

Panther is a tall, young black man with a lean build and long legs. He has reddish brown eyes and dark hair tied back in corn rows. He is almost always seen wearing a white sweatband with a black panther embroidered on either side of his head, "PANTHER" stitched in under it. He always wears it, and it's very important to him. By the Youth World Cup Arc, his hair has grown and can be seen hanging loose from the back of his head.


Panther is a good-natured person who has extraordinary running talents, but has been reduced to being a ball boy, due to Apollo's prejudice. He trains everyday by running across rooftops. Panther's dream is to become a pro NFL player and make money so that his grandmother would no longer have to work. He is also one of the few people who is able to eat his grandmother's horrendous oatmeal recipe. He has always looked up to Leonard Apollo despite Apollo's terrible treatment, because Apollo always trained three times as much as anyone, which becomes Panther's work ethic as well.


Nasa Alien Arc

Initially, he wasn't interested in going to Japan since he really wanted to compete against Seijuro. Then he saw Eyeshield 21's running ability on Hiruma's web video and wanted to run against him. Eventually, he and Sena became good friends and promised to play on equal terms the next time they met on the field, (Sena was nearly at his limit by the time Panther had entered the game).

Youth World Cup Arc

In chapter 306, Panther is shown as one of the American players coming to the American Football Youth World Cup. He is considered one of the top two players, and the top runner, in America, and possibly the fastest man in the world, quicker than Seijuro or even Sena. He is extremely motivated for the upcoming World Youth Cup, because the ultimate prize for the best player in the match is an automatic contract with the San Antonio Armadillos as well as 3 million dollars which eventually became a signing bounds for Panther. When questioned on which players should join the American team, Panther suggests the NASA Shuttles quarterback Homer, who has a terrible technique despite his exceptional throwing strength. When Morgan promises to let Homer join if Panther can get past him or take the ball from him, Panther has a flashback to when he was training with Apollo one on one during the time when he reached the limit of his natural talent. Apollo states that he would teach Panther all the techniques he knew, in order to make Panther stronger. Panther then shows why he is called the "Worlds Fastest Man" when he takes the ball away from Morgan before the older player could make a single move. (It should be noted that Panther was in a suit and dress shoes while Morgan was in his uniform)

In chapter 312 of the manga, Panther has been revealed to have a 40-yard dash of 4.10 seconds, amazingly and surprisingly breaking the 4.2 speed of light barrier, previously thought to be unbeatable. He is revealed to have won the MVP in the Youth Championship during a flashback in Chapter 333 following the Japan and America had after a 45-45 tie in the championship game and the result of the unofficial overtime was not counted. but according to the records it was officially a tie. Due to that he got the most votes from both of the two teams so he was selected as the MVP, and as such moved on to the NFL with the automatic contract from San Antonio Armadillos and three million dollars but the entered real negotiation with him and got 3 million dollars as signing bonus and contract worth more than three million.

In episode 145, during the future scene which is canon for the Eyeshield 21 universe, he is shown still playing for the same team he got the contract for at the youth American football World Cup. He along with Hiruma are currently playing for the San Antonio Armadillos.


Sena Kobayakawa

Seijuro Shin

Seijuro encounters Panther when Ojo White Knights is set out to the Fuji mountain to search Seijuro's whereabout. When Seijuro captures a boar, Panther use handsign to Seijuro but he mistaken Panther's handsign as wanting to have a share of meat. Later Seijuro accepts Panther's challenge only to be easily taken down with a spear tackle right at his stomach. Later during World Cup, Seijuro was completely outrunned by Panther and able to avoid his trident tackle several times.

Leonard Apollo

Clifford D. Lewis

Player data

  • Power: C
  • Speed: SS
  • Technique: S
  • Odds of winning MVP title: 3.3 to 1


  • Zero-Gravity Run - Panther's specialty is called the Zero-Gravity Run, which allows him to run at great speeds with extremely light footsteps without decreasing his speed. Unlike Sena's method of sharp turns and cuts, Panther can run like water, using the minimal amount of movement needed to slide around obstacles. Shin noted that Panther's running is too clean and easy to predict which route he will take.however he overcame that weakness with the help of His Coach Apollo
  • Stiff-Arm - Panther also uses one hand to hold onto the ball, while the other is extended to ward off opposing blockers. This is a standard block used commonly by other running backs in the NFL. However, this gives his opponent a chance to slap the ball away, causing a fumble. Sena and Shin both show this flaw to him, and this teaches Panther that he needs to get more practice against opposing players.
  • Moon Salto Formation - This strategy arranges the linemen in a crescent formation. This allows for maximum frontal protection for the running back. This is similar to Deimon's Sweeper tactic, but is done in a straight line rather than diagonally. The Aliens team had been developing this tactic for a long time without Apollo's knowledge.
  • Panther Ghost - This is Panther's version of the Devil Bat Ghost that he recently learned, when the Devil Bats returned to America for a tournament between four great teams. He can do this at the same speed Sena can.


  1. 312th Down