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Reisuke Aki
Character information
Rōmaji Aki Reisuke
Kanji 安芸礼介
Alias Achilles
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday August 28th
Blood type B
Height 173 cm
Weight 80 kg
Affiliation Teikoku Alexanders
Year 2nd
Jersey 76
40 Yard Dash under 5 second
Position Lineman
Team Teikoku Alexanders
Team Japan
Voice actors
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Reisuke Aki (安芸礼介, Aki Reisuke) is a lineman from Teikoku Alexanders. Aki is a bit of an idiot while still a good player. He is part of the first team football team and therefore can perform 40 yard dash under 5 seconds. And just like all Teikoku Alexander players, he only appears in the manga. Later he is scouted on Team Japan for a line man. Where his jersey number stays the same, 76.


Aki is bald and normal height. He has a ring piercing on his lip which he wears even while playing a game. After an encounter with Agon, spots appeared onto his scalp.



Aki was born in the Kochi Prefecture. When he was 12, he entered Fukurahagi Junior High and became an outstanding ace football player whose leg strength caught the eye of a Teikoku scout. The scouts easily lures him to Teikoku with the obvious lie that he can date the beautiful cheerleaders, resulting in him howling about not being able to get a girlfriend. He advances to first ring in just one month after that. Taka has commented that Achilles is incapable of getting a girlfriend in the first place, and his advances on Karin seem to always be stopped by Kureji Hera.


Christmas Bowl Arc

Youth World Cup Arc


  • Cross Stunts: Variation of stunts performed by Kurita and Komusubi before, in which Heracles and Achilles crossing paths to confuse players. This was effective to distracting stronger but slower opponent like Kurita, so the faster one (Achilles) can performing other task, while the stronger one (Heracles) will holds enemies at bay. Using this, Achilles is almost managed to secure the ball fumbled by Hiruma, before the Ha Ha Brothers gang on him.


  • Aki gained four marks onto his head from Agon, when the man came to visit the Teikoku Alexander's practice and grabbed Aki's head when he was in the way.
  • On Teikoku's personal history files, his favorite type of girl is Karin.
  • His idiocy percent, according to Hiruma, is 60%.
  • Aki's name is a pun on and slight derivative of the Japanese pronunciation of Achilles, Akireusu.


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