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Riko Kumabukuro
Riko Kumabukuro.png
Character information
Rōmaji Kumabukuro Riko
Kanji 熊袋 リコ
Gender Female
Age 16
Relatives "Bomberhead" Kumabukuro (father)
Position Reporter
Chapter 170th Down
Episode Episode 111
Voice actors
Japanese Mariya Ise
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Riko Kumabukuro (熊袋リコ, Kumabukuro Riko) is the daughter of Kumabukuro who takes her father's place as announcer during the Kanto tournament.



Riko is determined to become an excellent journalist, and strives to get people to take her seriously. She's not nearly as energetic as Sanada but is still very enthusiastic about her job. While she declares that she's nothing like her father, a running gag in anime is that when she gets too excited, she turns into a miniature version of her father (she grows an afro in the anime when she gets too excited).



Kanto Tournament Arc

Christmas Bowl Arc


  • Riko's surname Kumabukuro means "bear" (熊) (kuma) and "bag, sack" (袋) (fukuro/bukuro).


  • Riko's good looks is what got her an interview with Agon Kongo.
  • The harder Riko tries, the more she's about to lose her temper.
  • When Riko interview the aces in the Kantou tournament, she asked these questions:
    • "What are your strong points?"
    • "Of all the things you have bought until now, what is the most expensive?"
    • "Imagine today is the last of Earth! How would you spend it?"
    • "Are there any players you're looking out for in this year's tournament?"
    • "What kind of girl do you like?"