Unsui Kongo
Unsui kongo
Character information
Rōmaji Kongō Unsui
Kanji 金剛雲水
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday May 31
Blood type B
Height 177 cm (6’0")
Weight 68 kg
Bench press 95 kg
Affiliation Shinryuuji Naga
Year 2nd Year
Jersey 12
40 Yard Dash 4.9 seconds
Position Quarterback
Team Shinryuuji Naga (high school)
Enma Fires (university)
Chapter 10th Down
Episode Episode 5
Voice actors
Japanese Takeshi Maeda
English Grant George
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Unsui Kongo (金剛雲水 Kongō Unsui) is the Quarterback of the Shinryūji Nagas and older twin Brother of Agon Kongo.




Unsui is a very strong player achieved through sheer effort compared to his gift-talented siling. Not much is known about him, but in the previous year's match between the Ojo White Knights and Shinryuuji Naga, both he and his brother (as first-year players) were sent out with 5 minutes to play and Ojo holding a 16-3 lead. Their entrance resulted in a 17-16 victory for Shinryūji. During their second-year Spring Tournament, the Nagas trounce the White Knights by a score of 40-3, without Agon playing at all. Unsui is passionately devoted to football but is considered merely a "good" player. In contrast, Agon takes a casual, cynical, almost scornful approach to the sport, but is far better. Far more serious and intense than Agon, Unsui is much better liked, as opposed to feared like his brother is. He is a good player because of his wide range of vision, allowing him to know where all his players are.


Spring Tournament Arc

Rather than Agon's talent being innate, Unsui has worked all his life to become as good as he is. His work-rate seemed to have been recognized when he received a sports scholarship at Shinryūji, but was meant for Agon - the school got the twins' names mixed up. He feels his purpose is to back Agon up as much as he can, to make his god-given talents shine even more brightly.

Nasa Alien Arc

Kanto Tournament Arc

Unsui does recognize Deimon's offensive potential and has taken a more conservative approach to defeat them during the second half of the Kanto tournament game. However, with the Devil Bats counterattacking, he is becoming unsure of the outcome. His greatest shock comes when Eyeshield 21 ignores his brother completely and forces Unsui to fumble, followed by the unbelievable event in which Unsui's seemingly invincible sibling was toppled by Sena.

At the end, when Agon warns the Nagas not to slack off in their training for the next Spring Tournament, and showing his intent to defeat the Devil Bats, Unsui feels that his brother is finally beginning to see the value of working with others, rather than just depending on his own God-given talents.

Christmas Bowl Arc

Before the Christmas Bowl, he appears as one of the Deimon's personal coach team.

Youth World Cup



Agon Kongo


  • DragonFly - Using both Kongo brothers as quarterbacks, the ball is passed through multiple laterals among the team members. It is a very adaptable strategy, but its drawback is that an opponent can intercept the laterals in flight, causing a fumble (such as Eyeshield did with Agon).
  • Golden Dragon Fly - This involves three quarterbacks, normally with the Kongo brothers and Ikkyu. This is extremely difficult to stop, but it is possible with run-stuffing tactics.


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