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Hello there, welcome to my userpage. You can find me at these wikis listed here. I'm more concentrated on anime-related wiki, but you can also find me at other wikis not related to anime.

Malay language is my native language so if you're interested to know more about the language, or even my country, Malaysia, just send me a message. Have a good day and happy editing!

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Other places you can find me:

♥• Nyan Koi Wiki ♥• Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Wiki ♥• Night World Wiki ♥• Marine Wiki ♥• Spirited Away Wiki ♥• Hotarubi no Mori e Wiki ♥• Commander Safeguard Wiki ♥•

♥• Topo Wiki ♥• Malaysia Wiki ♥• Malay Fairy Tail Wiki ♥•

♥• Hexyz Force Wiki ♥• Law of Ueki ♥• Eye Shield 21 Wiki ♥• Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) Wiki ♥• Pretty Face Wiki ♥• Logo Creation Wiki ♥•

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