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Hello everyone!

*meets silence*


Okay! I know I have been very inactive these days... unlike the boom I had before (about 3 to 6 months ago?). The reason is obviously school. School, school, it's basically torture. And it took away my fun.

I realized that, wait... in less than two month's time, I'm celebrating my dear 1st year anniversary of joining this wiki! Maybe that should restore my former spark (I think I'm starting to regain it while writing this blog). And I didn't actually realize that I already had my first year anniversary in another wiki... dear me, I'm loosing my gears.

Geez, don't mind what I wrote above if you don't want. I saw some newcomers here and I wish to say hi.


Childish of me, isn't it. But there are things that I would like to remind everyone, and that is following the rules. The rules are very important, since they following them will keep order. I do hope that everyone follows them, and that's a message from a fellow user: I, 2SilverClaimers.

My tears of joy are starting to come out now... *sniffs*