Eyeshield 21 Wiki

So, in process of "beautifying" the wiki, we need to chose/pick colours for each team. 2SilverClaimers suggested that we use colours from the uniform, but then again...since some teams have almost similar uniform colours, its a head-scratching task too... So here's my pick, mind you, THIS IS NOT FINALIZED YET! Anyone can suggest new colours. DID you know that there are hundreds of colour variations?!

Eyeshield 21 Teams' Colour and Shortform

Teams Shortform Colours
Deimon Devil Bats DDB #FF0000 - red
Amino Cyborgs AC white
Bando Spiders BS black
Dokubari Scorpions DS #FFCC33 - Sunglow
Hakushu Dinosours HD #ADFF2F - Green yellow
Hashiratani Deers HTD #DAA520 - Goldenrod
Koigahama Cupids KC pink
Kyoshin Poseidon KP #2E8B57 - Sea Green
Misaki Wolves MW #000080 - Navy
Nasa Aliens / Nasa Shuttles NA / NS #8A2BE2 - Blue violet
Northern Light Blizzards NLB #DEB887 - Burly wood
Ojou White Knights OWK #6e8af9
Sado Strong Golems SSG orange
Savannah Survivors SS #228B22 - Forest green
Seibu Wild Gunmans SWG #F0E68C - khaki
Shinryuji Naga SN #800080 - Purple
Taiyo Sphinx TS #F4A460 - sandy brown
Teikoku Alexanders TA #FFD700 - gold
Yuhi Guts YG #800000 - maroon
Zokugaku Chameleons ZC #CCFF00 - Flourescent yellow
Team Japan TeamJa #cc0000
Team USA TeamUS #6A5ACD


  • This will not work without the switch and toggle codes added
  • Ojou White Knights changed from Blue to #6e8af9 - softer blue
  • Unable to use gradient for TeamJA and TeamUS (tested this on my test wiki)