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Yōichi Hiruma
Character information
Rōmaji Hiruma Yōichi
Kanji 蛭魔 妖一
Alias King Of Hell
King Of The Darkness
Commander from Hell
Control Tower of Hell
Yō-nii (used only by Suzuna)
Gender Male
Age 17

20 (end of series)

Birthday February 7
Height 176 cm (5'9")
Weight 67 kg
Bench press 75 kg
Relatives Yuya Hiruma (father)
Affiliation Deimon Devil Bats
Saikyoudai Wizards
Year 3rd Year
Jersey 1
40 Yard Dash 5.2 seconds (Formerly)
5.1 seconds
Pass Response Time 2.3 sec
Position Quarterback
Strong Safety
Team Deimon Devil Bats (high school)
Team Japan (Youth World Cup)
Saikyoudai Wizards (university)
San Antonio Armadillos (NFL)
Former Affiliation Mao Devil Bats (middle school)
Chapter 1st Down
Episode Episode 1
Voice actors
Japanese Atsushi Tamura
Shinichiro Miki (Jump Festa)
English Derek Stephan Prince
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Deimon Devil Bats

Sena Kobayakawa

Yoichi first met Sena when he first enter Deimon once he discovers Sena's talent to run Yoichi forces him to be the Running Back on the Football Team and gave him the name Eyeshield 21 in order to hide his identity from other sports teams and intimidate Rivals Teams He let Sena become a secretary as well but later deem him unsuited for the Role.

Ryokan Kurita

One of the Yoichi's best friends. Kurita was the one who convinced Yoichi to actually start playing American Football instead of merely betting on it. They founded the Maou Devil Bats team together in middle school, and Yoichi started his Devil's Handbook for the sake of making the team. Though he often abuses Kurita and rebukes him for being too soft, Yoichi has been shown to genuinely care about the gentle giant, throwing away the chance to join the Shinryuuji Nagas to enter Deimon High School with him. In the anime, when Kurita was framed for ruining a shopping district's festival, Yoichi tracked down two American girls who were at the scene of the crime to prove his innocence. Though Kurita doesn't always understand what Yoichi is thinking, he trusts Yoichi greatly, creating an unbreakable friendship.

During the Hakushu game when Yoichi was tackled by Gao and passed out, Kurita completely broke down. Yoichi, with his last remaining consciousness, motioned to Mamori to take his stretcher to Kurita's side. He then used all of his strength to give Kurita a huge kick in the rear to remotivate him before promptly fainting again afterward.

During college, Yoichi, Kurita, and Musashi decided to part ways to form their own football teams and play against each other like the Three Kingdoms. They have now become both best friends and heated rivals.

Gen Takekura

Yoichi's other best friend. Musashi understands Yoichi more than Kurita and is often Yoichi's (sometimes unwilling) sidekick when it comes to making insidious plans. The two are extremely close. At the very beginning when Musashi refused to join the American Football team in middle school, Yoichi did not resort to using his Devil's Handbook, a fact which Musashi noticed. Upon questioning, Yoichi replied that he wanted a comrade, not a puppet. His persistence in getting Musashi on the team eventually won Musashi over and he accepted.

When Musashi decided to quit the team When his Father collapse from overwork, Yoichi offered to blackmail the principal into giving money to the Takekura Construction Company. Musashi refused and Yoichi, though reluctantly, backed down. They're friendship, however, remained close and they seemed to have no trouble talking when Musashi was rebuilding the Devil Bats clubhouse.

During the Christmas Bowl when Musashi was to make the 60-yards kick to ensure Deimon's victory, Yoichi told Musashi that 'Kurita' had hit things after he left and screamed when there was nothing left to hit. Both Musashi and Mamori realized that Yoichi was actually talking about himself, showing how much Musashi's leaving had an impact on him.

During college, Yoichi, Kurita, and Musashi decided to part ways to form their own football teams and play against each other like the Three Kingdoms. They have now become both best friends and heated rivals.

Taro Raimon

Mamori Anezaki

Originally their relationship was antagonistic and focused around Sena, with Yoichi wanting him to play football and Mamori being her overprotective self. Eventually, their relationship grew and developed without Sena into a trusting and caring relationship. Mamori is just as close, if not more so than Musashi to Yoichi, and she also understands him very well. More often than not she is the one who can pick up on the signs of when Yoichi is injured and exhausted and is also often the one who nurses him. Yoichi, who does not normally take notice of women, always teases her and baits her since he seems to find it amusing when she's angry. He also trusts her to let her in on some of his schemes and to analyze videos to divulge needed information. During the Kyoshin Poseidons, Yoichi was the only one who understood her message from the bench (everyone else thought that she was doing some sort of cheerleading dance). Afterward, between them, they have a sign language which they use to communicate during matches.

Mamori deeply cares for Yoichi's well-being and hates to even think about him being hurt, even abandoning watching the Hakushu match to sit by Yoichi's bedside after he was injured. There were been times where it was implied that she may have feelings for him and vice versa, though no concrete evidence has been given and she denied it when she Doburoku once refer her as Yoichi's girlfriend which she concludes she just doing her best as manager. She also denies it when Suzuna presses her. At the end of the manga, she decides to follow him to Saikyoudai where she becomes the manager of his team.

Manabu Yukimitsu

Kazuki Jumonji

Koji Kuroki

Shozo Togano

Daikichi Komusubi

Suzuna Taki

Natsuhiko Taki

Rival Teams

Agon Kongo

Though they hate to admit it, they were good friends during middle school and worked together to achieve their own ends; Yoichi to gather information for his Devil's Handbook and Agon to kill some time. Their friendship/partnership ended when Agon had Kurita thrown out of Shinryuuji. Later on, Yoichi asked Agon in private about why he did it; he said that they could have an invincible team. Agon disdainfully replied that he didn't need trash like him and since then they've been on bad terms.

However, during the World Cup arc, they worked together yet again to thrash the American Team - Kurita referred to this as the two demons teaming up again. Agon, though initially against the idea, found himself having fun and surprised that Yoichi could keep up with him. Later, Agon sullenly admits to Yoichi that if he (Yoichi) had the same capabilities as himself (Agon), then maybe he and Yoichi could have been an invincible tag-team - though he adds that in the end, Yoichi's too much of a trash to think about. Yoichi merely replies that he does his best with what is given.

The two went to Saikyoudai College together, but it is unknown of how their relationship currently is.

Shien Mushanokoji (Kid)

Yoichi shares a rivalry with Kid and he is also aware of Kid background and real name as the son of a Noble and an Olympic Gold Medalist when he confronts him Kid was also one of the Few People that managed to see through many of Yoichi's deception and trickery.

Reiji Maruko

Clifford D. Lewis